Inbound and Outbound Calling Issue


Dear Customers
As a further update to the ongoing carrier capacity issues, we advise of the following developments including that any remaining congestion is limited to Telstra interconnects in Sydney only.

Following capacity upgrades, we can confirm that no congestion was experienced in Melbourne on Friday onwards. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will advise of any changes.

We have observed little to no congestion in Sydney today as a result of Telstra switching traffic to other call collection areas.
Works are being expedited to perform further capacity upgrades in Sydney. Capacity issues in this region are still expected during peak times. Although these works are being treated as a matter of urgency, no ETA has been provided at this stage.

All Other Areas
As per our previous update, no other areas are known to be affected by any ongoing capacity issues.

We thank you for your continued understanding and patience. Further updates will be provided as soon as they are available.


We have been advised that our upstream provider has been experiencing issue routing calls. Longer than normal post-dialing delays have been observed.

In some cases, you may experience up to a 30-second delay before you hear ringing on an outbound call via an affected route. Despite the delay, your call should still connect.

We’ve been advised that the issues may be stemming from a large-scale increase use of VoIP services resultant for widespread adoption of work-from-home initiatives in response to the recent Coronavirus situation.

In the event that your call fails, we ask that you please wait a few minutes before trying again, as repeated call attempts may exacerbate the issue.

2 Affected Services: